Origin Insurance is an Aboriginal business that allows everyday insurance premiums to be used to create meaningful and sustainable opportunities for young Indigenous Australians.

Rather than relying on government funding, Origin uses a portion of insurance premiums that are typically paid as fees and commissions to create social impact for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Insurance is simply the way in which communities share the risk of adversity. Our nation’s First Peoples are the oldest continuous cultures on Earth yet continue to face adversity, especially in the areas of health, education and employment.

Would you change your Insurances to support an Aboriginal business, and contribute to sustainable and brighter future for our Indigenous kids?

Make the change… Together we can make a difference. 
Insurance with a conscience.

Our Charity

The Origin Indigenous Leadership Foundation is a registered charity that aims to provide opportunities in the areas of health, education and employment for Indigenous Australians.

Most charities rely on donations or government funding to create an impact. The Origin Insurance business model is “Profit for Purpose” – using insurance as a business to create revenue to have a strong social impact.

The Chairman of the charity is Prof Tom Calma AO – a leading Aboriginal human rights and social justice advocate. Prof Calma’s role is to ensure that the Foundation supports initiatives that will have an impact and help to create tomorrow’s Indigenous leaders.

Our Team

With backgrounds and knowledge within the financial services, professional sporting realm, and entreprenerial fields, our executive team bring a wide range of wisdom and experience to Origin.

They are passionate about Closing the Gap between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians and feel that it is a national imperative and that the insurance industry is in a unique position to drive change within corporate Australia.

We are descendants of the Biripi, Ngarabal, Dagoman, and Gurindji people.

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